I laugh when babies laugh and I cry when animals die in movies.

Name's Madison. Hufflepuff. ISFP/ISFJ. Choleric. Suffering high school student. Sometimes I write. Fluent in sarcasm.

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symphony soldier
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consider these:

  • there’s a long ass train and we’ve been waiting for it to pass for twenty minutes and you’re leaning out of the window of your car yelling at it so i’ll make some polite conversation au
  • i’m somewhere past drunk and decidedly lost and you’re a kindly local on a nighttime outing au
  • i ran away from home and knocked on the wrong door but you want to take me in anyway au
  • waiting in a holding cell together for our friends to bail us out and you’re unexpectedly cool au
  • are they staring at me or staring into the space around me i can’t tell and it’s intimidating au
  • i come here when i want to be alone and i didn’t think anyone knew about it so where the hell did you come from au
  • met you at a bar but it turns out you’re a soldier and you’re getting shipped into combat tomorrow au
  • gave a running hug to the wrong person at the airport and knocked you to the ground au
  • i’m a government worker and i had to seduce you for a case but i’m starting to like you legitimately au
  • you came to look at the puppies i have for sale and you’re so into it that i can’t help but kneel down and help you assess them au
  • walking between my s.o and you and i grabbed the wrong damn hand au
  • called the wrong number and confessed my love to you in a sappy way before you could get a word in au
  • we were studying across from each other in the library not acknowledging each other for hours and you passed out and fell onto my book so i’m screwed au
  • Accidentally “parkoured”  through your window and I have to pay you back  but I’m dead broke au
  • You get stuck in the weirdest places au
  • Got plastered at a Halloween party but I met you and I’m kinda in love but I don’t remember your name so now I have to find you through hazy memories and a kiss au
  • It’s a rainy day and I see you get get side-splashed by a car and I’m laughing so hard until I get hit too au
  • Hey you! yes you! Pretend to be my S.O. to piss off my dad au
  • "I’m sorry I was too mesmerized by you to see the pole. What do ya mean I’m bleeding?" au
  • Random Karaoke partner night and we sound heavenly together au
  • We’re new next door neighbors whose roofs out the window are close enough to have a little patio
  • Drunkenly sold my soul to a demon and now I’m their bitch but this might be not so bad au
  • The train is always crowded and I don’t mind if you sit on my lap even if we sit like this for a month au
  • I did not know I had a piercing fetish before you au
  • Airport messed up so now we’re the only two passengers on the plane au
  • You’re so beautiful I did a spit-take. All over you. Hi my name’s embarrassing idiot why don’t I pay for the laundry au
  • I caught a home-run ball can you sign it for me please au
  • You’re an Angel and I’m a Demon and we met while hiding in human form and I love you au
  • We got knocked down a hill by a car accident and we’re not in too good shape but rescue’s coming in a day…or 3 au



My friend just called me the Pabu to her Bolin and that’s probably the sweetest thing that anyone’s ever said to me.

Madison is my turtle duck.


My friend just called me the Pabu to her Bolin and that’s probably the sweetest thing that anyone’s ever said to me.

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That’s one way to handle the heat.

Ellen: “….kay”

I’m never gonna get over Ellen’s face

let’s play a game.

it’s called, ‘guess who’s straight and who’s not”.


Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


OH MAN I SUCK. I was going to post this yesterday for Free Comic Book Day, buuut after sketching/handing out comics all day at my local shop, I pretty much crashed as soon as I got home.
But I was overwhelmed with the positive reception I got to the preview of this comic I posted a few weeks ago, as well as how excited people have been to buy copies at cons since then. So now, as promised, is my original comic MARKED in its entirety :D Thanks for waiting for it, and I hope you’re satisfied with the ending!

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don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how very oppressed women are 
it’s common sense

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— Midnight thoughts (I won’t do this again)

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